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We are thankful for support from the following organizations:

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The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation

Our Donors

Current Donors


The Canadian Men's Chorus gratefully acknowledges the following people who have supported us so generously, and without whom we would not be singing for you today!

Director’s Circle $10,000+

Arlene Jillard

Leadership Circle $1000+

RBC, Leaside Branch

Carol Miller and Graham Knope

Adrian Mitchell and Bruce Yungblut, In Memory Of Dr. Shamek Pietucha

Linda and Tom Murphy

Diane and David Rainville

Greg Rainville

Chorus Supporters $250+

James Allan

Don Deathe and Randall Speller

Patrick Devine

Ralph Dick

Ken Ferrell

Dan Rutzen

Jay Wilson

Friends $20+

Anonymous x 10

Shelley Adler

Association of Fundraising Professionals Toronto

Lynn and Colin Allan

Robert Allan

Anne Marie Applin

John Austin

Tamiko and David Barker

Catherine Beaudette

Carrie Bell

Sue Bell

Marilyn Brady

Gwen Brown

Candace Burtch

Debra Chandler

Luce Charbonneau

Jason Chartiers

Rose Cromie

Robert Cooper

Jody Dailey

John Fenton

Richard Fitzpatrick

Marilyn Fraiberg

Ellen & Jaroslav Frei

Kathy Goldman

Carol and Paul Goodrow

Donald Gray

Paul Hawkins

Charles Heroux

Wade Hall

Cheryle and Michael Hanna

Sion Harrington

Sean Hayes

John Isip

Oral Dennis Keefe

Carolyn King

Susan Kushneryk

Dana Larose

Angela Leach

Anna Lefsrud

Tim Leonard

Megan Lim

Jon Loy

Syd Lucas

Josie MacLachlan

Sam MacLean

Robert Maisey

Mitchell Marcus

Leslie Maslow

Angela McKeen

Marion McLeod

Roberto Mendoza

Claire Meridew

Matthew Miles

John Miller

Brigid Morgan

Sharon and Jack Morphis

Janet Murphy

Kelley Novitski

Jak Oliver

Kendra Pape-Green

Hannah Paton

Halyna Popenko

David Robinson

Ronni Rosenberg

Dot Routledge

Roy Runions

Donald Rutzen

Jim Ruyter

Yuko Sasano

Katie Saunoris

Mary Semotiuk

Thomas Smith

Matt Soar

Dan Stapleton and Julian Kitchen

Mark Stephenson

Sonia Stokes

Alice Szeto

Timothy C. Takach

T.J. Tasker

Aurelie Taufflieb

Elke Towne

Janet Turner and Robert Edgett

Kenneth C. Veitch

Harriet Wichin

Cynthia Wilke

John Wilson

Kathleen Wilson

Marion and Jack Wilson

Kristen Wince

Teri Worthington

Founding Friends


The Canadian Men's Chorus gratefully acknowledges the following Founding Friends whose generous support at the beginning was integral in ensuring our future. We would not be where we are today without these people. Heartfelt thanks to all of you:

Rita Apse

Bill Barrie

Joy Bartlett

Marilyn and Dwight Brady

Robert Cooper

Don Deathe and Randall Speller

Audrey and Ralph Dick

Noel Edison

Linda Farrier

Rowena Fleming

Carol and Paul Goodrow

Luke Hazzard

Johnny Isip

Nancy King

Sean King

Graham Knope

Rachel Knope

Simmon Li

Jimmy Martins

Marion McLeod and Hugh Hanson

Phil Penney

Halyna Popenko

Jennie Pyper

Diane and David Rainville

Annie Runions

Roy Runions

Wesley Shen

Barbara and Howard Smith

David Smith

Marilyn Stewart

Kathleen Wilson

John Willson

This list is deemed accurate as of November, 2018.


Our most sincere apologies if we have inadvertently omitted your name from this list; please contact Lynn McMurray, Executive Director, at and we will rectify our error as quickly as possible.

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